Yard visits

In most circumstances, we feel that the best place to examine your horse is at the yard at which they are kept. This reduces the stresses that can be caused during transportation, especially for sick patients.

Routine preventative equine work that we carry out includes:


Dental rasping (manual and power float)

Health checks

Passport issue

Stallion licensing

Mare swabbing

Pregnancy and reproductive ultrasound


Riding school inspections





To find out more about our Equine Health Plan

And for when you need us for the less routine problems:

Blood/urine/faecal sampling


Ultrasound of organs and tendons

Lameness examinations, including joint and nerve blocks, joint taps, radiographs and tendon scans

Treatment of colic

Treatment of Laminitis

Treatment of Cushing's Disease (PIDD)

Dentistry: non routine, including wolf tooth removal

Treatment of Equine Metabolic Syndrome

Treatment of worm infestation

Stud work: foaling, caslicks, uterine washes, ultrasound

Digital radiography facility

Shockwave therapy unit

Endoscopy (video), including gastroscopy, bronchoscopy and tracheal washes

Wound management

Our ultrasound, radiographic, gastroscopic and shockwave machinery is fully portable and requires simply a source of mains electricity to enable its use.

We welcome yard visits where multiple horses can be seen, and offer discounts on the costs of the individual visits for this. We also consider running clinics specific to different needs, for example, laminitis clinics, scoping clinics etc. If you would be interested in hosting an event in your yard, please contact the surgery for more details.

For more information please call 02380 620605