Routine Health Checks

As a practice we feel that preventative medicine is paramount, and regular health checks for your horse often remove the need for emergency treatment when a condition suddenly becomes apparent.

We can perform these by:

1. Examination – This includes a basic check of the teeth, eyes, heart, lungs and guts, and a general lameness examination. If any problems are highlighted, they may need further work. This assessment can economically be performed at the time of the routine vaccination.

2. Blood and faecal analysis – if a complete check is being carried out it is always beneficial to get a better medical picture by running further lab tests. Often a horse can have underlying problems without yet showing clinical signs. The faecal analysis checks for a worm burden, allowing you to see how effective your worming protocol is, and to help decide on future protocols. We offer worming advice, whenever necessary, as it can get confusing what to use and when!

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