Equine Health Plan

Our Updated Equine Health Plan Is Here!

We first launched our equine health plan in 2012 and this has proved very successful, having many members enjoying the membership benefits and saving money! We have listened carefully to the feedback received within this time and have come to realise that flexibility of our plan was paramount to ensure the differing needs of horse owners, can be met.

We have now introduced different units to the plan, allowing owners to select and deselect the units required by their individual needs.

The Riverside Equine Plan discounts and spreads your routine healthcare costs for your horse AND gives you the benefit of additional savings.

* The Riverside Equine Plan is based on a 12 month term. All fees due to us will be calculated at our standard rates, should Riverside Equine Plan be cancelled within this period.

How much does our Equine Health Plan cost?

Additional benefits include:

10% saving off any further visits and primary examinations, including out of hours

10% off any additional vaccinations

10% any additional tooth rasping

10% off sedation (for routine work; dentistry, farrier, physio & clipping)

Registration is simple!

Fill out a simple registration form in our surgery or at the time of our visit to your yard. This will require details of your bank account to set up the direct debit, so remember to have these details to hand. Alternatively, you can download our membership application and direct debit form.

For more information please call 02380 620605