We are one of a few practices in the area that is fortunate enough to own a full length gastroscope.

We use this to perform investigations into Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome, as well as investigations into respiratory problems and poor performance. This procedure is normally carried out under sedation and can give valuable insight into both physical and mechanical problems.

During examination, the images are shown on a monitor screen to give a step by step insight into the mechanics or the area in question. This is especially important in both the digestive and respiratory tract, to allow us to identify any areas of concern.

Riverside Vets

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You can get to know your horse inside and out as you watch on screen as we pass the scope into your horses’ stomach, examine their larynx and soft palate, look down their windpipe into the smaller branches of their lungs and also look into their guttural pouches.

Depending on the condition, we are then able to use the scope to collect samples that are analysed in a laboratory to aid diagnosis and get your horse on the best treatment possible, often avoiding surgical intervention and/or hospital stays.

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