Dental Care

Good dental care is very important in maintaining the health of your horse.

We recommend checking the teeth at the time of vaccinations, as most horses need a yearly rasp. Some need a rasp more often, depending of the degree of tooth problems they have. All our Equine Vets carry a full range of dental rasps, plus a speculum and angled mirror to examine the mouth fully. We also have a range of molar extractors, picks, probes and an electronic power float for more intensive remedial dental work. Wolf teeth can be removed easily and effectively under both sedation and local anaesthetic.

It is free of charge for us to check the teeth, but any work required is subject to a charge. Some horses are amenable to this work, but we often recommend the use of sedation, to make the experience safer and more enjoyable for you and your horse.

This image shows overgrowth of maxillary molar, impeding mastication.

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