Breeding Service

We provide a full service for those wishing to breed from pre mating checks, getting your mare ready to conceive, pregnancy diagnosis and foaling assistance.

Prior to breeding we recommend a uterine swab is taken when your mare is in season to check the lining of the uterus is healthy and ready to carry a pregnancy. If signs of inflammation and infection are detected this can then be dealt with prior to breeding, increasing conception chances. It is also good practice to take a swab to check for transmittable bacterial infections such as Contagious Equine Metritis prior to service.

We also recommend an ultrasound scan of the reproductive tract to see what stage in the oestrus cycle your mare is at so planning for sending to stud can be made and also to check for any structural abnormalities such as cysts or any fluid accumulation within the uterus that could hinder a pregnancy.

After your mare has been served we would re-scan your mare 1-2 days later to check for signs of fluid associated with post mating infection, if found treatment can be started to get the uterus healthy again and ready for when the embryo comes down the fallopian tube and into the uterus.

Pregnancy diagnosis is carried out via an ultrasound scan at 14-15 days post ovulation. This is an important scan to check for twin pregnancies. Twins can be very dangerous to the mare and also rarely survive to full term. If your mare has 2 embryos they will be managed with the aim that one of the pregnancies will be terminated before they implant in the uterine wall. Two further scans at 25-28 days and 36 days are to check for a foetal heart beat and make sure the pregnancy is still going well.

It is also recommended that the mare is re-scanned in the autumn to confirm still pregnant. This avoids unnecessary time out of work if the pregnancy has failed.

We are on hand to offer support and advice when your mare is due to foal and will provide prompt assistance if your mare is having any trouble delivering. We also provide a mare and foal check recommended in the first 24 hours after foaling to make sure mare and foal are doing well. We will do a thorough physical exam of both mare and foal and deal with any problems. The foals umbilicus will be sprayed with antibiotic spray to prevent infections and tetanus anti-toxin will be administered to the foal to boost its protection against tetanus whilst it’s absorbing vital antibodies from its mothers colostrum.

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